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Atticus M, Audrey C, ETA: Rey S, Alex W, Leena B [11 Dec 2019|11:34pm]


[Between this and this. Before Holly wakes up.]

[Locked to Atticus M]
Sorry Mr. McV what's up

[Locked to Audrey C]
Hey you ok?

ETA: [Locked to Rey S]
Hey um question?

[Locked to Alex W]
I'm calling someone about the B&B windows and Atticus says I should send them to you. What time works?

[Locked to Leena B]

[Hospital: Holly & Noah] [11 Dec 2019|10:48pm]


Who: Holly & Noah
What: After
Where: Hospital in the Capital
When: A few days post-this
Warnings/Rating: Injury/hospital stuff

When Holly awoke, nothing hurt. )

[11 Dec 2019|11:19am]


WHO: Hugh & Theo
WHEN: Mid-Decemberish.
WHERE: Hugh's house on the lake.
SUMMARY: Christmas things are baked, and maybe some secrets are shared.
WARNINGS: None, at this point - will update if that changes.

If there was anything Hugh had learned in the last year it was that he very definitely should not be alone for days on end )

Public. [11 Dec 2019|09:41am]



*who wants to go caroling with my off key ass this weekend? i promise **shots of courage will be provided prior to the expedition

*pls make something from my bucket list come true
**pls don't let me sing loudly on a street corner alone

The Pizza Parlor. [09 Dec 2019|08:53am]


Who: Hannah and Audrey.
What: Getting some pizza and bonding because they are both strange little fluffs of odd and cute.
Where: The Pizza Parlor.
When: Sunday evening.
Warnings/Rating: NAAAAAAH.

She didn't know what doe eyes were until she saw Hannah and Hannah looked every bit like a tragic heroine from Gothic lit, but at the same time she was the exact opposite, because despite this faint aura of melancholy that painted every cell of her being--there was a a hope that was as warm as honeyed tea trickling down the back of Audrey's throat. And that? That made Audrey like her instantly. )

[public, group, Leena B.] [09 Dec 2019|12:23pm]



Does Repose do any holiday stuff? Does anyone want somewhere to go for any of the upcoming major American holiday’s that doesn’t have anywhere to go? I don’t really do anything for Christmas but no one should be alone on the holidays.

[Group Lock: Audrey C., Leena B., Clover W., Hugh (C?), Chris F., Hector Z., Diego C., open to others Dante has been friendly with that I may be forgetting (Aka use your judgement but feel free to jump in too)?]
New Years plans? Who’s Got them? Don’t got them? Now you do. Party at my place but you’re all getting a Mexican New Years so prepare your asses for that. Everyone gets a +1 or a -1.

-1 = If you need to have someone uninvited tell me and I’ll uninvite them, no questions asked. Hell, want to ask a cutie along and too shy to ask for the +1 I’ll do that too if you don’t have the guts. 😉🙃😘

[Locked: Leena B.]
So the other night
The fuck still
How the hell am I supposed to

How’s your nose? 💜

Public, Heath F [08 Dec 2019|07:45pm]


[Sometime following this]

comic shop is open, even if it doesn't look like it. we have the heat turned up until the windows are fixed.

[Heath F.]

hi. a friend of mine told me you like cooking. i'm hoping you can help me out.

[Atticus M, Claire J, Billy K] [08 Dec 2019|06:12pm]


[Atticus M]
Old friend,

What was the name of that town you're hiding in now?


[Claire J]
[Sent to the email address: bringingpontifexyback@email(dotcom), the same one he's been using for her for years.]
Been a bit since your last email. Hope everything is alright.
Thought you should know that I've [...] retired from the bureau and moved to a little town across the country. Time to waste away in my old age, apparently.
As always,

[Billy (or more accurately, Pesha)]
[A call to Billy's work cell.]

Log: Rey & Theo [08 Dec 2019|01:10pm]


Who: Rey Smith and Theo Chambers
What: Two expats walk into a diner ...
When: Early November (backdated)
Where: The diner
Warnings: None

Life tends to have different plans for you. )

[Texts to: Hector Z.] [07 Dec 2019|04:16pm]


> ¡Hola! Te amo.
> ¿Qué quieres para cenar?

[[ooc: responses will be written in English for ease of reading, but texts would be ICly written in Spanish]]

[Narrative] [05 Dec 2019|10:09pm]


Who: Hannah
What: Narrative
Where: Carnem's carnival, Hannah's trailer
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: N for None

Home. )

public [04 Dec 2019|04:45pm]


If anyone knows a good way to get glass shards out of a fake Christmas tree - I am all ears, or eyes, I suppose since we're on the forums.

Noah Nicodemo-Webster. [04 Dec 2019|12:00am]


[Right after the incident!]

[Private to Noah.]

Noah! Are you okay? Is Holly? Please answer!

Jamie M, Mars M, David N, Audrey C, Claire J [03 Dec 2019|11:48pm]


[Jamie, Mars, David, group lock.]
[Once the detox-sick kicks in, which keeps her blissfully unaware of breaking glass.] Hi. I just wanted you to guys to know that if Si doesn't answer quickly, it's because he's in rehab. I don't think he has his phone right now.

[Audrey C]
Hi. I was wondering if you want to get some coffee? I think distraction would be really nice maybe today.

[Claire J]
Hi. I'm just saying hi. It feels like it's been a lot of days since hi.

Atticus M [03 Dec 2019|10:12pm]


[It's been a week. A week and a half. Who the fuck cares.]

[Locked to Atticus M]
The mortals are disturbed.

Electronics Shop Apartments: Shiloh F, Alex W [03 Dec 2019|07:53pm]


Who: Alex White and Shiloh Foster
What: Actually crossing paths for once
Where: The hallway that separates their apartments, upper level of the Electronics Shop
When: Following this, more or less
Warnings/Rating: Probably low

A comical panoply of superhero band-aids. )

Public [03 Dec 2019|06:43pm]


If anyone needs a warm place to sleep tonight, Mainchance is setting up beds on our lower level. We will also have some space heaters and hot cocoa if anyone simply wants to stop by to get out of the cold.

Also we are currently taking food and toy donations to deliver for the holidays, should one feel so inclined.

public. [03 Dec 2019|03:56pm]



Yeah so, winter is not the best time for broken windows. Can whatever is acting up just calm the fuck down? You overdid it. Cool it with the bullshit. Thnx~<3

[Locked: Chris F, Hector Z, Leena B, Diego C, Hugh C (M?), Audrey C, Clover W] [03 Dec 2019|10:09am]


[After this. ]


Is everyone okay? What the fuck was that?


If your car is having alarm issues bring it down to the shop. We’ll get it turned off for you.

News: Repose & B&B [03 Dec 2019|04:52am]


[When it happens, it comes without warning. It's midday. A little after. Cloudy outside. Dreary. Normal. Until, as if struck by a blast wave, windows around town shatter and car alarms go off. There's no epicenter to the apparent detonation. It just happens. Sudden seismic activity is the theory, and, in fact, seismograms a few hundred miles away show the evidence in waving arms of ink. The problem is this: no one felt so much as a tremor. It's just the windows. The car alarms. Dogs barking. Startled babies crying.

In separate news, two of the elderly guests who call the B&B home died overnight, seemingly within hours of each other. It's not uncommon, given the B&B's status as impromptu nursing home for Repose's aging population. But, two in a night is unusual. Both seem to have passed naturally.]

[Portal/Gate: Holly, Noah] [03 Dec 2019|03:09am]


The trip through the portal is scheduled for the 6th of January, at 0800 hrs, and he hasn't been told that's changing. )

[Hannah and Si, Noah, Travis, Derek] [02 Dec 2019|10:44pm]


[It takes a few days for her to get back to the forums after the night of the train.]

[Hannah and Si]
hi. sorry it took so long for me toget back to you.

hey. i'm way late in replying but everythings ok. you and holly good?


[A little after the other messages.]
i might need some time off. and maybe help figuring out the bank thing your person got for me?

[Public] [02 Dec 2019|08:04pm]


I was never good at this social media stuff

Should I just come out and say it?

Maybe I should make it more fun or...

Well, here goes nothing. You guys won't judge me, right?

Anyone know where I can find a mechanic by the name of Dante around these parts? I've got a truck that needs some work and I've heard she's the best mechanic in town.

Shit, was that too weird?

[Log] Dante & Diego [01 Dec 2019|07:41am]


Who: Dante & Diego
What: Mechanic’s Shop getting new owners
When: BACKDATED: Nov 6th
Where: Repose Garage & Gas Station
Ratings/Warnings: language?

I might be interested in putting in an offer. )

Inferno's web portal [01 Dec 2019|10:39am]


[On Inferno's web portal, early in the morning.]

[A-->]: Katagawa's dead, but I think you already know that.

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